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C2G Media Group specializes in web design, hosting and maintenance as well as the supporting services necessary to ensure your net success.

We're dedicated to bringing your business timely and professional results when it comes to your Internet project. Our goal is to assist organizations in becoming more efficient and profitable through either increased communications, revenues and/or cost savings.

“C2G Media Group does a great job for us. Our sites look really good. I really appreciate and value their services.”
Andrew MacDonald ~ MacDonald Audio & Blue Water Promotions

Website Discovery

Website Design and Development

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We think you'll appreciate our work ethic and philosophy.

We would be happy to talk with you to discuss the potential development of your new website or the support of your existing one. If you would like to chat, please contact us.

Usually after our first conversation we have a good idea of what you're looking for. We then either give you an estimate or submit to you a proposal to begin your website support or new project development. Once we receive your approval to begin, we follow these simple project management steps with you:

Sure you can build your own website. The questions maybe should be:

Your organization has a core business. So does ours and its web development, hosting, etc. Just as a company would hire a skilled artist or even an agency to produce hard copy advertising for your business, you should consider choosing professionals to produce or maintain your website.

We specialize in the graphic design, HTML coding, mobile optimization and the support and maintenance of websites. So, we suggest you focus on what you do best, your core business, and let us enhance your operation by developing and/or supporting your internet presence.

Websites not designed and supported by people who really know what they are doing often include some of the following problems:

Above are just a few possible results of letting inexperienced individuals work on your website. A cost, effective solution is to engage with C2G Media Group for your website development and maintenance needs allowing you to do what you do best while we help "bring your business to the world"!

Examples to Enhance Communications and Marketing

Informational Site

A good place to begin with your new website is a professional and effective Informational site. Such a site typically contains your organizations Home Page, a section about your organization, a products and/or services area and a page with your organizations contact information including the ability for people to email you with questions and concerns. The site is in full color, with internal and external links to pages and your choice of graphics.

You can then announce to your current customers, and potential ones as well, that you now have a new, modern website complete with current announcements and details on your products and/or services.

This type of site is also an excellent way to provide customer service. You can have a "Frequently asked Questions" section and a "How to" section providing information on let's say, assembling a product, detailed product specifications, service rates, etc. Including a discussion board feature will allow individuals to review and post comments on a variety of topics or a mailing list to stay in contact with your greatest asset, your customers.

Finally, there are nice options for a company 'Intra-net' where employees can login to a secure area and download often used documents like product information sheets, vacation requests, etc. Anything you currently have on paper can be converted and stored in one central location for your employees and/or customers to access.

With this type of "baseline" site in place you can begin to think about additional features and ways to further utilize to both save your company money and/or generate new business.

Examples to Enhance Product and Service Revenues

E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce)

Besides posting product and/or service information on the web why not actually sell them over the web? We can develop for you an E-Commerce site that will allow for product and/or service orders. This is a standard now for businesses and it's only going to increase.

Your companies offerings may not be suited for E-Commerce but if they are we can help you bring them to the world.

Selling Advertising Space on Your Website

It may not be a possibility at first however you can probably find many other companies within your industry who would pay you to have them linked to your site or use manufacturer's and vendors co-op dollars to "give them a plug" while increasing your websites presence and feature's.

Examples That Could Decrease Your Costs of Operations and Raise Your Organizations Profitability

Documents and Forms Available on Demand

How many times have we all walked down to HR to get a vacation request form, dental form, medical form, etc.? The need for forms and paperwork within an organization still abound.

And how many times have you filled one out only to find that it's not the right one or the current version of that form? When we do it once and lose 5, 10 or 15 minutes in the process it's not a big deal but when you multiply that by how many times we do that a year by how many employee's are within your organization the lost time and costs involved can be staggering.

Why not make this kind of paperwork available on-line. You can control the security if you would like and then when that new insurance form comes out instead of sending it by mail to all who have to make copies in order to distribute it, make it available to all, on-line, giving them the ability to print on demand. You'll reduce the lost time of the employee's, mailing costs, copying costs for old forms never used, etc.

We can set up a system for you just as I've described above and then train one of your people on how to add new forms while keep the existing ones current.

Training and Education Over the Web

What a beautiful way of saving some money while still providing quality training and education to your customers or employee's. The money spent to fly people around the country, the time lost in doing so and the lack of being able to review material being covered during training's can be very high. Sometimes it may not be necessary.

Your organization can present educational or training material to customers or employee's in paper form, electronic format, a multimedia experience (through your site).

Above are just a few examples of what your organization can do with your new website.

The first step in getting started with your redesign or new site development project is to contact us.

Once a decision has been made to work with C2G Media Group the first thing we need from you is to assign us a point person, from within your organization, so the communications regarding the development and/or maintenance work on your site will be clear and timely. This makes for an efficient use of both of our time.

Below is an general overview of the different phases as we work with you on your new project:

The Website Discovery Phase

We'll need some time by phone with a key individual(s) familiar with the inner workings of you organization. We'll need to ask a few questions to help determine your site objectives and goals, desired web image, competitive differences, etc.

Existing copies of promotional materials that communicate your "Image" to others are useful at this point. We need to evaluate and translate the content as well as the look and feel from this material to your site for consistency.

Note: This first phase is critical. The more we know about you and what needs to be said about your organization, the more effective your website will be. Then, once a new website design is approved, we begin to collect from you (or generate) the additional text, graphics, files, etc. needed to complete your website. We prefer most text, graphic, etc. to be provided in an industry standard, electronic format although we can scan or develop these files for you as well.

The Website Development Phase

During the development phase we periodically need your approval on the content and layout we're producing from scratch. Apart from these periodic approvals, if the first phase was completed correctly and we've gathered the initial material from you, our time will be spent doing our core business while you'll be able to focus on yours. We will work as much or as little with you or your marketing people during this phase as you see fit.

The Website Launch Phase

As we approach the launch date of your site, or as we complete the enhancements to your existing one, you'll have an opportunity for a final review and approval of your project.

The Website Support Phase

We agree upon a means of communication so your site can will be properly maintained. This phase also requires that "point person", for periodic idea generation, approvals and any new source material you would like posted. Apart from this, we take care of all the rest in a timely and professional manner.

So, with the above in mind, why not Contact Us Today to chat about your new website project?

Note: There are no refunds on pre-paid services (such as annual hosting accounts) however, if applicable, we will apply a credit to your account which you can use anytime toward other services we provide. Thank you...